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Expats living outside Australia can borrow from Australian Banks to invest in Australian property. This suits the needs of people who consider their time overseas to be non-permanent and want to return to a house when they resign form their overseas employment. It also suits the needs of an investor seeking to grow a portfolio of Australian dollar based passive income from Australian property investments.

Prefix Finance draws on the 50 years lending experience of the Senior Accredited Mortgage Consultant to offer specialised services to our clients and this includes assistance with lending/borrowing for Australian citizens that are working overseas. We are able to help Australians with foreign income in most industries and with a variety of income sources to obtain lending from Australian Banks.

We can successfully negotiate exceptions to standard processes to allow a smooth and efficient application process.

Our most common international clients are Pilots working for an international airline based in a variety of different countries however we can apply the same policies to other professionals.

If you are an Australian living overseas and are planning on building your wealth in property located at home in Australia, contact us for information on how you can achieve your goals. Or enter your details in the fields below and we will contact you to assist.

March 2016

Our Specialists:

Ian Jolley

Director / Mortgage Consultant

Brent Jolley

Director / Mortgage Consultant

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