Yuliya Lin

14 years Finance experience and a specialist at Home and Investment Lending for Overseas / Foreign Borrowers.

Fluent in Mandarin and English.

Prefix Finance would like to introduce to you our recent addition to the team, Accredited Mortgage Consultant Mrs Yuliya Lin.

Yuliya joins us from her recent role as a Home and Investment Lending Manager at ANZ Bank. With a Bachelor's Degreee in Economics, an Advanced Diploma in FInance, and 14 years experience working in the Finance Industry, Yuliya brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to both our clients and our team.

For international clients looking to borrow from Australian Banks to purchase Australian property, Yuliya is uniquely positioned to provide credit advice. Speaking fluent Mandarin and English, as well as spending the last few years assisting clients with these exact circumstances, she is perfectly placed to provide sound advice.

To contact Yuliya about a loan enquiry or to find out how she can help you, click here.