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Prefix Finance Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy detailing what information we need to gather in the course of providing credit advice, how we manage and disclose that information, and how it is stored.

Credit Guide - Latest Version

Required legal document for Prefix Finance customers which explains specific business aspects including our company details, privacy information, most commonly used lenders, the complaint resoultion process, and more.

Client Acknowledgement Terms and Conditions - Latest Version

Information collection for customers when initially engaging the services of a Prefix Finance Mortgage Consultant. Details what information we use and share, including how we collect and manage this information.

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Client Information - How to Move My Home Loan

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Client Information - Home Loan Discounts 'Reeled In'

Client Information - Bank of China Enters Market

Client Information - Comparison Rates

Client Information - Loan Purposes

Client Information - Aviation Professionals (Pilots)

Client Information - Expat Lending

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Client Information - Mortgage Broker FAQs

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